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Stress is integrally related to smoking and many other forms of addictive behavior. Leading authorities such as Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Andrew Weil recommend that reducing your stress should be a daily part of your lifestyle. This program features music that has been specially composed to help you relax, efficiently and enjoyably—and without any effort on your part.

Because meaningful behavioral change is anchored at the subconscious level, we include a series of positive suggestions. They are recorded subliminally (below the threshold of conscious awareness) and printed inside. You don’t actually hear them, but your subconscious mind does—and responds accordingly.

This remastered and updated program includes several uptempo tracks so you can receive positive reinforcement as you walk or exercise, which is highly recommended by leading experts as part of your healthy lifestyle.

How to use: Listen to this CD at least once a day as soothing background ambience. No headphones are necessary, but they will enhance your listening pleasure.

Note: This program is intended to complement, not replace, medical care.