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Steven Halpern's music has a 40 year proven track record of supporting the innate healing intelligence within us with Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness. (tm)

Combining his Grammy nominated healing compositions with health-affirming statements of positive intention, SELF-HEALING 2.0 is evokes your 'relaxation response'  with skillful orchestration of tone, silence, and mindfulness.

Functional, effective and enjoyable,  all you have to do to benefit is to listen.

Stress is a causative or contributing factor in 85\% of the diseases that affect us. Therefore, the reduction of stress should be an essential foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

Highly recommended for anyone suffering from chronic or acute illness in hospitals, hospices, in homes or other health-care environments.

To enhance the relaxing effects, the power of your mind is harnessed with a series of spoken suggestions, which are blended softly (subliminally) into the music. You don’t actually hear them, but your subconscious mind does — and responds accordingly.