RELAX into SLEEP at the Speed of Sound VOL. 2 432 Hz

RELAX into SLEEP at the Speed of Sound VOL. 2 432 Hz

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“Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic!” CDC (3/17/11)

70 million Americans suffer with chronic sleep deficiency. This undermines your overall health and weakens your immune system, which is your first line of defense against COVID and other diseases.

You Now Have a Sound Solution to Help You Get the Sleep You Need

“Like a tuning fork for the brain ,™ Steven Halpern’s award-winning music
evokes your ‘relaxation response’ to effectively soothe you to sleep.”

Over the past 45 years, more people have fallen asleep to the relaxing music of Steven Halpern
than to any other composer!

Brainwave entrainment tones in the delta range are subtly blended into the music to enhance the desired effect. You don’t hear them, but your brain perceives them and entrains to the 1-3 Hz range associated with restful and renewing sleep.

RELAX into SLEEP vol. 2 is tuned to A=432 Hz rather than standard concert pitch (A=440 Hz) to attune to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance and amplify the beneficial effects.

Note: Not intended as a substitute for medical care. Do NOT listen while driving!