Om Grooves

Om Grooves

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OM GROOVES Combines the universal OM mantra with North Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin and Native American rythmic grooves.

OM GROOVES gets your body moving and your spirit soaring. You can 'om' along, or just let the music move you. Either way, it's the perfect complement to the peaceful and meditative "In the Om Zone 2.0".

Master vocalist and sound healer Silvia Nakkach is featured on several tracks, and ends the album with a deeply meditative bonus, without any rhythm.

Special guest Melissa Phillippe also contributes two vocals, as well as a gospel and blues inspired version of Om Nama Shivaya.  Schawkie Roth is heard on bamboo flute on one track, and Steven's keyboard sitar is heard on another.   Additional tracks allow the OM choir to set the ambience, which invites you to chant along, as you might do in yoga class.

How to use this soundscape:

Some folks listen and dance to a different track each day of the week.  For a more energizing workout, let the album play as sequenced.