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Support your well-being with the music and affirmations featured in JOHN BRADSHAW"S "Inner Child" workshops and PBS TV-series.

Leading experts now recognize that most of us grew up in family situations in which our emotional and psychological needs were not fully met.  The result was a spiritual wound to our precious 'Inner Child' that remains with us into adulthood.

Healing this wound, which many authorities consider to be at the core of all addictions and dysfunctional behavior patterns, is now understood as a fundamental aspect of any recovery program.  It's also profoundly helpful for individuals who are not involved in recovery, but just want to feel more joy and well-being in their life.

There are many ways to nurture your Inner Child. One of the most enjoyable is to listen to the beautiful, relaxing music on this recording.

To amplify the benefits, a series of positive affirmations are combined subliminally with the music, below the audible threshold. Even though you can't hear them, your subconscious mind does, and responds accordingly.

The affirmations are sourced from John Bradshaw's pioneering books and workshops, and are listed inside.

"I recommend Steven Halpern's music wholeheartedly to support anyone working with a 12-Step sobriety and recovery program." - JOHN BRADSHAW, NY TIMES # 1 bestselling author "HOMECOMING"

Steven Halpern"s music is the soundtrack to John Bradshaw's INNER CHILD workshops and PBS-TV series.