MINDFUL MUSIC for ENHANCED FOCUS with Subliminal Affirmations

MINDFUL MUSIC for ENHANCED FOCUS with Subliminal Affirmations

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Like a tuning fork for the brain™, these relaxing compositions create an effect audio environment that orchestrates a state of mindful awareness. (All you have to do is listen.)

Proven in landmark brainwave biofeedback studies beginning in 1973 and 1977, Steven Halpern’s iconic approach to composing a new form of music has proven to be significantly more effective at reducing stress and enhancing focus and attention than most other music. His music omits the inherent stress-inducing elements found in most music.

Played in the background, MINDFUL MUSIC often becomes ‘transparent’. It creates and holds a field of intention and focus that allows you to be your best.

To enhance the effect of the music in its own right, a series of positive affirmations are spoken and mixed inaudibly into the music.  You don’t consciously hear the words, but your subconscious mind does perceive them, and responds accordingly. Steven Halpern has been a leader in the subliminal audio field since 1980, and his recordings have helped millions.

Learn about the “Scalus Interruptus” effect on stress and distraction factors in most music: Watch on YouTube