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The deliciously beautiful music you hear reduces stress and engages your natural 'relaxation response.' Because we tend to eat more when we are stressed, listening to relaxing music is an obvious option to promote 'sound health.'

Because meaningful behavioral change is anchored at the subconscious level, we include a series of positive suggestions. They are recorded subliminally (below the threshold of conscious awareness) and printed inside. You don’t actually hear them, but your subconscious mind does—and responds accordingly.

This remastered and updated program includes several uptempo tracks so you can receive positive reinforcement as you walk or exercise, which is highly recommended by leading experts as part of your healthy lifestyle.

In a relaxed state, your digestive process is more effective, and you derive more nourishment from the foods you eat.

The professionally scripted affirmations encourage you to make healthier nutritional choices, chew more slowly, and enjoy your food more.

Many individuals listen while eating, or even when they notice hunger pangs. Several tracks are up-tempo, and are included to support movement and exercise, which are also recommended by leading experts as part of a total weight loss program.

Note: This program is intended to complement, not replace, medical care.