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LEGACY presents a compelling portrait of the innovative pianist stylings that led the editors of KEYBOARD magazine to name me ‘one of the 12 most influential keyboard artists of the past 20 years…the definitive New Age pianist’ in their year-long ‘keyboard heroes’ series, which included jazz greats McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock, in 1995.

The original release of LEGACY was a retrospective of the best of my solo piano improvisations selected from the first 20 years of my recording career.

Most of my early albums featured the Fender Rhodes electric piano. Some of these albums included one track of grand piano, but these are always ignored by critics and reviewers. My solution was to release this entire album of solo grand piano.

My family never owned a piano when I was growing up, and my first access to a concert grand was at The Music Annex Studio. That sweet Yamaha C-7 grand piano became my ‘acoustic sound temple’.

I discovered techniques of touch, pedal control and microphone placement that allowed me to share with my listeners the subtle harmonics and overtones that I hear when I am ‘in the zone.’

The space between the notes

In fact, focusing on these subtle mini-symphonies has always been one of my favorite meditation path. I would remind you that “piano” means “soft” in Italian.

Indeed, it was on an old upright grand, with wonderful sustain, that I first channeled the kind of music I’ve been playing ever since.

When I’m in the recording studio, the absolute silence helps me access melt into the sound. I often lose track of where my fingers end and the keyboard begins. I’m no longer just playing the music; in this state, the music comes through and plays me. I listen deeply into the sustained harmonics, and I often hear subtle melodies that suggest the next phrase that I will play. I’m totally in the moment…

As you listen, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow yourself to melt into the sounds that manifest when I build cathedrals of ethereal harmonics with my sustain pedal and a gentle touch that’s more like a caress than most pianists. Listening with headphones will enhance your meditative experience.

These are my favorite tracks from COMFORT ZONE, EASTERN PEACE, DAWN, EVENTIDE, RECOLLECTIONS, RHYTHMS OF VISION, and LULLABY SUITE. I hope to remaster and re-release all of these albums in 2021.

Stay tuned……and enjoy!