IN the OM ZONE 2.0

IN the OM ZONE 2.0

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According to the ancient spiritual traditions of India, OM is the primordial vibration that is the harmonic building block of our 3-dimensional world.

For millenia, people have chanted this mantra to enhance attunement with the quantum field in meditation and yoga practice.

This CD updates this tradition by giving you two options. Play the CD softly to provide an uplifting ambience. Increase the volume and you'll have a virtual yoga class of chanters so you won't have to "Om alone at home."

How to Use In the Om Zone 2.0

On each track, I chant the fundamental tone and the primary harmonic overtones in the key of C, and am later joined by the other singers. I encourage you to hum or chant along. You will find that you can chant other mantras, such as “Om Nama Shivaya,” with the Omin the background.

Each track features a slightly different orchestration with traditional Indian tambura and synth drone tones that evoke the same meditative alpha brainwave state. You may notice and appreciate, as I do, the subtle difference that the presence or absence of one instrument makes. Feel free to repeat a favorite track. Otherwise, the album is sequenced to provide a continuous ambience that is conducive to maintaining a meditative state.

I include the tones of a Tibetan singing bowl to focus the mind in meditation, as well as to designate when we shift from a tonality based on A=424 cycles per second as the frequency of the tonal center as opposed to our modern tonality of A=440 cycles per second.

Nature’s Tuning vs. Man–Made Standards

Have you ever wondered why orchestras tune to A=440 cycles per second? Has this always been the vibrational frequency?

In the time of Bach and Mozart, the key frequency was actually lower, around A=424 cycles per second. The international music industry agreed to raise this keynote in 1925 so that all instruments could play together.

According to Alan Howarth (, in so doing, we may have lost some of the benefits of music.

Parts I through VII of this CD are tuned to A=440. Starting with Part VIII, the

Oms are keyed to A=424. As you listen to both the man-made standard and the RA standard chants, can you notice a difference? Do you like one better? I’d be interested in any feedback you’d like to share.