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CRYSTAL SUITE is the iconic first public recording of pure quartz crystal singing bowls. The moment I heard them during a channeled presentation by Bashar, I felt the uplifting power of their pure tone. I knew I had to include them on my upcoming CRYSTAL SUITE which was already at the pressing plant. I halted production, bought a set of bowls, and recorded them in a professional studio.

CRYSTAL SUITE began as the 15 minute soundtrack to a chakra-balancing video that bathed a huge crystal cluster in the ascending sequence of chakra colors, from red to violet. I scored the music while watching this exquisite open-eye meditation filmed by Zerciee Productions. 

Unlike my own SPECTRUM SUITE/CHAKRA SUITE, each keynote lasts only one minute. Also: this soundtrack descends down from the crown chakra to base chakra for a grounded return to normal waking consciousness. 

Collaborations with Dallas Smith on Lyricon ® wind synthesizer and Bob Werhman on keyboards complete the program. Over the past 20 years, I’ve purchased and recorded with Alchemy Crystal Tones ® gem and precious metal bowls on my CRYSTAL BOWL HEALIING and CRYSTAL BOWL HEALING 2.0 albums.

The hi-def audiophile quality of my crystal bowl albums is sonically superior to any other album I’ve heard; it’s the next best thing to being in the room with bowls.

Another benefit: you don’t have to continually keep the bowls singing, which always breaks the depth of meditations, especially with headphones on.