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"An essential cornerstone of any personal Sound Healing Library."

The Original and #1 International Best-Seller that Tunes your Chakras and Balances your Biofield!

Like a tuning fork for the brain ,™ master sound healer Steven Halpern uses the healing tones of his iconic Fender Rhodes electric piano to resonate, activate and elevate the 7 chakras with the 7 musical keynotes and 7 colors of the rainbow in ascending sequence.

When your chakras and your biofield are in tune, your immune system is strengthened, and the innate intelligence of your DNA can express for higher levels of optimal health.

The notes of CHAKRA SUITE 528 Hz are the same as the original version, but tuned slightly lower to C=528 Hz rather than A=440 Hz (standard concert pitch). Note; 528 Hz refers to the keynote of C. The relative frequency of keynote A is actually 444 Hz in this system of tuning.

CHAKRA SUITE 528 Hz effortlessly entrains the brain into a mindful state of being at the speed of sound. Proven in landmark biofeedback studies, it is the original and #1 best-selling sound healing album of all time.

For research context: The music on all three versions is note for note the same. The 432 Hz version will sound a little lower than standard pitch; 528 Hz will sound a little higher.

It’s hard to identify the subtle differences. I have listened to one version for one week, then another version for a week, and then the third version the third week.

I am not aware of any similar opportunity on the internet to experience and test these keynotes for yourself.

I’d be interested to know what you observe.

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“Steven Halpern’s music has uplifted a generation of seekers. He has created a soundtrack for our evolutionary journey.”

— Marianne Williamson, New York Times # 1 bestselling author, “A Politics of Love”

STEVEN HALPERN is a Grammy® nominated, Billboard charting, multi-platinum selling recording artist, composer, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer. The Los Angeles Times recognizes Steven as “a founding father of New Age music” who has touched the lives of millions worldwide.