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Steven Halpern is the acknowledged leader in composing music that supports relaxation, healing and psycho-spiritual well-being. His music is well-documented to help patients manage stress, pain and sleep problems.

The spirit of each strain speaks through the music. Lush hi-psi soundscapes shimmer with luminous keyboards, hypnotic ambiences, and the angelic, wordless vocals of the rising star Kristin Hoffmann.

“I heard a lot of this music in a dream, and was able to recreate that state in the recording studio. Listen deeply, with attention and intention, and you may feel the tones moving inside your head, stimulating pleasure centers and releasing endorphins to further support healing, mindfulness and inner peace.”

Alpha brainwave entrainment tones are subtly mixed into the music, which entrain your brain, to higher coherence to further support your immune system.
Note: This music is highly compatible with THC, CBD, sativa and indica strains.