Bosnian Pyramid Ultra-Sounds

Bosnian Pyramid Ultra-Sounds

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BOSNIAN PYRAMID ULTRA-SOUNDS  include the original samples from Dr. Sam, of  Electro-Magnetic Fields converted into audio files, as well as these samples combined with some of my compositions.

You may not have seen it in the news or on tv yet, but there’s been a revolution in the world of pyramidology.

Satellite imagery and ground-penetrating radar have disclosed literally thousands of pyramids, in the jungles and deserts and islands around the world.

One of the most profound discoveries is that of the huge Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

The primary researcher is pyramid scholar/archaeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagich (Dr. Sam). I met him in May 2016 at the Global Pyramid Conference in Chicago.

We sat at the same table at the Awards Dinner (he was the recipient) and after his mind blowing presentation, I was guided to suggest a way to synergistically combine the sounds that he and his scientific colleagues had recorded outside and on top of the pyramid with my music.

Dr. Sam reports than many people have experienced healings when they are inside the ancient tunnels beneath the pyramid. There may be healing benefits from listening to the sounds by themselves and/or with my music. No claims are being made at this point in time, however.

We invite you to experience them for yourself and share the results with us.   You can listen to one at a time, or all in sequence. You may find some that you prefer, as I have. You may listen during the day, in meditation, or as you go to sleep.

Enjoy the journey!