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"DRUM SPIRIT is irresistible sound medicine. Pump up the volume, and enjoy the ride!"
--Leading Edge Review

DRUM SPIRIT connects you to 25,000 years of rhythm-based sound healing. The Sound Medicine Band's powerful music is sequenced to move your body as well as your spirit, taking you deeper and deeper into "the zone."

Each track builds upon the heartbeat medicine drum and rattle played by Sundance Society Peace Chief Sonne Reyna, which surrounds you in a three-dimensional shape-shifting matrix. Steven Halpern adds grand piano, Native American flute, atmospheric keyboards and synth bass. Jorge Alfano plays quena (Andean flute) and shakuhachi (Japanese flute). Grammy® nominee AmoChip Dabney, R. Carlos Nakai's bandmate, adds his soaring sax.

DRUM SPIRIT takes you to that place where you don't just hear the music, you become the music! You'll feel the energy circulating through your nervous system long after the CD is over.